Will Jean-Regé Page, the Duke of Bridgerton, be the new James Bond?

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Like Paul Mescal and Richard Madden, so Jean-Regé Page. The Duke of Hastings, whose Bridgerton gave unexpected popularity, it was inserted among the possible, and future-oriented 007. “What makes Jean-Regé Page’s candidacy stronger is the timing. Today, the announcement seems to be imminent with which the replacement of Daniel Craig and the success of Bridgerton, at this very moment, he may have worked in his favor, “he explained to Variety Alex Apati, head of Ladbrokes, a betting company that first recorded the actor’s growing visibility.

Before Shonda Rhimes’ series debuted on Netflix, the chance of Jean-Regé Page being chosen as the next James Bond was given 40 to 1. Today, 5 to 1. The Duke of Hastings has grown in the polls to the point of reaching several, and better known, colleagues. In fact, it has long been rumored that the secret agent could be interpreted by Tom Hardy, once Daniel Craig retired. For the same time, however, it seems to have been looking for a black actor who can revive a character that the years have never seen change. Page, born in Zimbabwe, but raised in London, could thus represent a fair compromise between tradition and innovation.

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