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Will Smith, “in therapy” after the slap in the face of Chris Rock

Will Smith, “in therapy” after the slap in the face of Chris Rock

It’s over now over a month from the ceremony of Oscar, but the resounding slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock continues to discuss. Or rather, the actor – after asking publicly excuse me for the act of violence worldwide – has made him lose track, moving away from the spotlight. “He went to therapy following that episode, ”a source of today reveals Entertainment Tonightwithout adding any other details.

An indiscretion to be taken with the springsgiven that of officer there is nothing. Of course, he himself had concluded his my fault with a significant “I’m working on it”, but the conditional is still a must. For sure – as they testify some photos – two weeks ago she left the United States and flew to Mumbai to “undertake a spiritual journey»« He will visit the temple of Iskon“, he wrote The Times Of India.

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There spirituality at the center, therefore, between Hindu practices, yoga and meditation. The ideal place for find balanceor interior and – at the same time – remove the annoying ones rumors of gossip who would also like him in crisis with Jada Pinkett, his wife since 1997. Will, who meanwhile he resigned from the Academy and it was banned by the Oscars for ten years, he still has something for which smileprofessionally speaking.

Yes, because despite the rumor that at the beginning of April Netflix it would have slowed the development from Fast and Loose (the new action thriller in which Smith appears), it will be the famous platform of streaming to say hello the return on video of the former Prince of Bel Air: at the end of the month, in fact, he will be one of the guests of David Letterman in the fourth season of his talk show, There is no need for introductions.

If anyone expects questions about the accident with Rock, though, get ready to be disappointed: the interview, in fact, was recorded well before that now famous blow.

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