Will Smith, mother speaks: “I’ve never seen my son behave like this”

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With open mouth. So she stayed Carolyn Smiththe 85-year-old mother of Will Smithin front of the scene that attracted the attention of Oscar night: his son who gave one slap to the comedian Chris Rockguilty of making an unhappy joke about the actor’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. “I’ve never seen him do that,” Ms. Smith said from Philadelphia, interviewed by local television Action News. “My son is a very balanced man, a sociable person. I’ve never seen him go mad like this. ‘

The news is now history: Sunday 27, just before being called to the Dolby Theater stage to collect his first Oscar for A winning family, Will Smith had spontaneously climbed into it to slap comedian Chris Rock. Immediately came the condemnation of the Academy, and the next day the actor apologized publicly with a message on Instagram that ended with “I’m still a work in progress.”

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Just like his mother expected him to do“I heard from him on Monday,” said Mrs. Smith, “I advised him to take a break, to go on vacation, but I knew he would do anything to get it over with dignity first.” “I’m proud of what my son is like”he then concluded.

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Will Smith, who in the past has not been free from trouble with justice – in 1989 for almost blinded his producer William Hendricks spent a night in prison – he is very attached to his mother Carolyn. The actor had also talked about her in his autobiography Willreleased last November telling the episodes of violence of which the woman had been a victim and how much these influenced her growth.

“I was nine when I saw my father hit my mother in the head so hard that she lost consciousness,” he wrote in the chapter devoted to his childhood. “The moment I saw her bleed, in that bedroom, was probably what, more than any other in my life, defined who I am today.“. Since then, the actor said, a strong sense of guilt has accompanied him and constantly accompanies him: “Everything I’ve done in my life – every success, every award, every recognition, every laugh – has been a way for me to apologize for that day, for not opposing him and for disappointing her“.

But mother Carolyn is far from disappointed with her son: “I know how much he works and how hard he does it,” she always told Action News in the aftermath of her son’s Oscar win. “I always thought he deserved an Oscar for every film he made“.

Source: Vanity Fair

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