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Will Smith praises the battle of Brazilian rappers: “Out of series”

The actor Will Smith republished a video of a rap battle between two Brazilian women on her Instagram profile, on Friday night (21). In the caption of the publication, the artist praised the talent of the rappers MC Lili it’s from MC Maria with the rhymes.

“The Brazilian rap battle is outstanding! Wow,” wrote Smith, tagging the two rappers next. See the video below.

In the comments, Brazilian followers celebrated the republication. “Will wants a CPF and ‘num’ [sic] Do you know how to ask…”, wrote one. “I feel obligated to watch it every time I see it on my feed,” commented another. “This is Brazil!” said a third.

This is not the first time that Will Smith has talked about Brazil on his social networks. At the beginning of the month, the actor published a video of his Bahian lookalike, created by Artificial Intelligence (AI). “What do we call these two?” he wrote while sharing the video with the caption “Bad Boys in Bahia” on his feed.

In the images, the so-called “Will Baiano” appears alongside another man, characterized as the actor Martin Lawrence, 59, who plays the character Marcus Burnett, in the “Bad Boys” films.

A CNN , Naio Barreto explained how he creates a replica of Will Smith using technology. “The common video is made, attached to the website [de Inteligência Artificial]then add a preferred photo and the face in the video is processed based on that photo,” he said.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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