“Will the Parthenon friezes finally be returned to Athens?” – The repatriation of the Sculptors in the French media

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On the question of the repatriation of sculptures of the Parthenon and on Greco-British consultations a lot is being said on the subject today French media.

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The newspaper Liberation in a report under the title “Greece and the British Museum are discussing the repatriation of the Parthenon sculptures” states that a possible return would require a change in British law, but London says that is not on the agenda. He points out that a representative of the British Prime Minister wanted to repeat the government’s position yesterday: “The managers of the British Museum are free to talk to whoever they want, but we do not intend to change the law.” He notes, however, that the British Museum said on Saturday that it wants a “new collaboration” with Greece for the Parthenon.

Besides, an article on the website of the Alsatian newspaper Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace with Title “Will the Parthenon friezes finally be returned to Athens?» states that the Greek prime minister appeared optimistic for a solution that will lead to the reunification of the monument in Athens.

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An article in the newspaper also mentions the same issue Les Echos with Title “Parthenon: four questions about the tensions between Greece and the United Kingdom». Initially it is pointed out that the British Prime Minister warned the British Museum that it cannot “remove objects from its collections”, while a Greek newspaper claims that the cultural organization is in talks with Greece for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures to Athens. The report then lists short answers to the questions “Why the Parthenon Marbles left Greece”, “Why Greece demands the return of these Marbles”, “Why the case has returned to the news”, and “Why the end of the conflict”.

On the same wavelength, a publication on his website FRANCE INFO Culture notes, finally, that the British Museum does not have the right to fragment its collection, as stated by a representative of the British Prime Minister.

Source: News Beast

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