Will Turkey take over the security of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

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By Costas Raptis

The issue was raised by a question from a member of the Turkish official opposition. Will Turkish forces take over the security of Qatar’s stadiums during the 2022 World Cup and if so, under what conditions?

The question seems to have been answered in advance, as the negotiations between the two governments are at an advanced stage, but Otku κιakirezer of the People’s Republican Party complains that the Turkish National Assembly remains in the dark.

“How many police officers, gendarmes or soldiers will be sent? All this remains a secret. We are told that the implementation protocol will emerge after the agreement is approved by parliament. But we learn that negotiations on the protocol have begun in Ankara, while it is not yet known if “Parliament will ratify the agreement,” said Tsakirezer.

His colleague from the nationalist opposition “Good Party” Zeki Hakan Sindali has his own questions.

“Our security forces run the risk of being attacked by ISIS or a similar group during the World Cup. How does this align with our national interests?” he asks, while at the same time characterizing it as indecent for Turkish state forces to dedicate themselves to protecting the stadiums of another country as if they were staff of a private security company.

The fact remains, however, that as of October 31, 2019, a memorandum of understanding has been signed in Ankara since October 31, 2019 by Turkish Deputy Interior Minister Muharrem Ince and Brigadier General Ibrahim Khalil al-Mohannadi, head of the Qatari Security Committee. It is said to provide for the involvement of Turkish special forces in crisis management, immediate intervention, the exchange of information, the removal of bombs, the response to chemical, biological and radiological threats, and so on.

And the main thing: the cooperation in these areas is not limited to the 2022 World Cup but is planned to continue in other bio-organizations, since the cooperation agreement has a five-year renewable duration.

In any case, Ankara and Doha form a “tight duo”, with the emirate’s investments in the troubled Turkish economy paying the price for al-Thani’s military protection by Turkish forces after Qatar was besieged and even the threat of invasion by Saudi Arabia and its other neighbors. threatening.

Turkey-Qatar security co-operation was further boosted during a meeting between neighboring Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Hali bin Mohammed al-Attiyah in Ankara on Thursday. The two sides reaffirmed their interest in joint armaments technology projects and joint military training. They have already cooperated on both the Libyan front and the effort to reopen Kabul airport in Afghanistan.


Source From: Capital

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