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William and Kate attended the coronation rehearsal with Charles and Camilla

When King Charles III and the Queen Camilla have begun rehearsals for this weekend’s coronation, they practiced in a life-size model of Westminster Abbey recreated inside Buckingham Palace. But they took their rehearsal to the legendary cathedral on Wednesday, where they were joined by the Prince and from Princess of Wales, who brought their three children with them, the Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the Prince Louis.

Carlo was photographed as he entered the Abbey, where he was later joined by Princess Anne, by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and from Camilla. Second People William, Kate and their children arrived as students were switching classes at nearby Westminster School. The students waved to the family as they walked by and Charlotte, who celebrated her 8th birthday this week, waved back.

Both William and George, 9, will have formal roles in Saturday’s ceremony. As Prince of Wales, William will kneel before his father and swear allegiance, while George will be his grandfather’s page, along with three other family friends. The rehearsals took place a few hours after a night-time rehearsal of the open-air procession, which sawor hundreds of soldiers march past the Diamond Jubilee State Coach and Gold State Coach shortly after midnight.

In addition to the rehearsals that took place in the theater built in the palace, Carlo and Camilla rehearsed other aspects of the ceremony in view of the televised event. Meanwhile, a source recently told a Vanity Fair that Camilla wore a crown to practice getting in and out of a carriage, because she wants to feel confident when she puts on the state crown of Queen Mary, who is 112, on Saturday.

“The King and Queen are surely nervous. It is the logistics that concern them more than anything else ». another source said, “The King has mentioned the number of changes he will have to make. I think that worries him, he wants everything to go smoothly.’

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Source: Vanity Fair

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