William and Kate Middleton, love in a pandemic: “The bond is even stronger”

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It was April 29, 2011 when William of England e Kate Middleton got married in theWestminster abbey: in less than a month, therefore, the heir to the throne and the future queen consort will celebrate the wedding anniversary. Ten round years, the last of which, however, passed – like a large part of the world population – in (almost) isolation due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

A period complicated but that – according to the analysis of Judi James, body language expert – seems to have strengthened the bond in the Cambridge home: «Time spent together in the family seems to have created a stronger connection in the couple, both in the sphere private than in that professional», Reveals a Hello! Magazine. «Now they are more open also to public demonstrations of affection “.

«The movements of their body have always been well synchronized, but recently this feeling has touched the highest point», Adds Judi, who has examined the many Zoom videoconferencing held by the dukes. «This synchronism testifies trust and respect, remembers their perfect walk along the Westminster aisle on the day of royal wedding“. But it really is a consequence of the lockdown?

It definitely highlights that William and Kate, despite the difficult moment, they spent together quality time: “They joke with great complicity», Concludes the expert. «If one of the two makes a joke, the facial expressions of both do soften immediately. And he, when he stares at his smiling wife, has the gaze of love. It is as if they have managed to bring back the hands of the report “.

An understanding timeless.

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