William and Kate Middleton, this is how their first meeting was (according to The Crown)

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The love between William of England and Kate Middletonmarried since 2011 and parents of three (George, Charlotte And Louis) blossomed as known in 2001, in Scotland. To be precise between the benches of the St Andrew University that she decided to attend, so the legend goes, just to meet her prince charming. But how exactly did theirs come about? very first meeting? The Netflix series The Crown is going to offer us the his version of the story.

Filming for the sixth season, which will be released at the end of 2023 and will tell us, among other things, the first years of love of the princes of Wales, started months ago. And just in recent days, as he says PeopleThe actors which will give life to the very young William and Kate – the twenty-one year old Ed McVey and nineteen Meg Bellamythey filmed around the St. Andrew University is precisely the scene in which the two exchange their first glances: in the images we see William walking in overalls together with his bodyguard crosses Kate jogging. Their eyes meet for a moment, then Kate continues running and the prince turns to face her.

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Whether that was the case is not known. Those directly involved, at least so far, have never revealed it. But Kate, during the interview granted to ITV in 2010 on the occasion of her official engagement with William, revealed something about her on their first meeting: «I turned red and felt very shy». William on the other hand, as told by the real author Katie Nicholl, was so impressed by that beautiful brunette soap and water that a few days later he plucked up the courage and asked her to join him and his friends for breakfast. A kind of first date who was upset by a funny incident revealed by real-life author Tom Quinn: «The prince was so excited to meet Kate who, as she walked towards her, stumbled and he said: “Oh that’s a terrible start, now you’ll think I’m a complete wimp».

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After that first improbable approach, the two began dating, sharing moments of relaxation outside of class and study hours. But they didn’t immediately get together: «For a year we were just friends», as the prince revealed in the 2010 interview. Everything changed, according to the royal biographers, in 2002, when Miss Middleton paraded for charity in lingerie. «Wow, Kate is hot!», William exclaimed surprised. That evening the two exchanged their first kiss.

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