William, step aside: the young Brits want Harry on the throne

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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the prince William he spent tirelessly, together with his wife Kate Middleton, to do feel his closeness to the British people even remotely. People he has just calculated, to say, that in a year the eldest son of Charles and Diana has thanked personally, with a series of phone calls, approx three hundred health workers at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus.

His brother Harry instead it has never been like that away from the British people: for over a year he has said goodbye to the royal family to move to California with Meghan Markle and the little one Archie. A move that many of His Majesty’s subjects have never digested. Then when the prince and his wife, last March, granted aintervista bomba a Oprah Winfrey with which they tore the august relatives to pieces, accusing them among other things of racism, Harry’s popularity in the UK has dropped by as much as fifteen points. This, at least, the result of a survey by YouGov immediately conducted the Sussex special on CBS.

Now, however, a new investigation carried out by Deltapoll for the Daily Mirror reveals that not all Brits are angry with Harry. The younger ones, on the contrary, at the end of the reign of Elizabeth II they would like him on the throne of England in place of his brother William. The survey was conducted on 1,590 individuals divided into age groups. In those aged between 24 and 40, 23 percent of respondents chose Harry as the future king, while William had to settle for 5 percent of the preferences. Harry also beat his older brother in the 18-24 age group. But when the British champion was asked who they would prefer on the throne between William and dad Charles of England, Kate Middleton’s husband has taken a good revenge: 47 percent of respondents would give the crown to him (only 27 percent to Carlo).

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