Willie Garson, the touching story behind the decision to adopt a child from a single dad

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The announcement of the death from Willie Garson gave it the son Nathen, 20, with a touching post on Instagram: “I love you so much dad. Rest in peace and I am so happy that you have shared all your adventures with me and that you have been able to accomplish so much. I’m so proud of you. You’ve always been the toughest, funniest, smartest person I’ve ever met. ‘ The boy was adopted by the actor, unforgettable performer of Stanford Blatch, the friend of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, in 2009. At the time Nathen he was 7 years old. And Willie, who had it adopted by single dad, last year he had told People: «Everything went smoothly because we both wanted this adoption so much. Fatherhood is what I’ve always wanted“. Then, last October, the actor explained to Page Six the path that led him to adoption: «I’ve always wanted to have children. For about 20 years I had a back-and-forth relationship with a woman, but she didn’t want to. The son was my midlife crisis, I wanted a baby more than anything in the world. My son and I are inseparable ».

Despite being known around the world as gay icon because of the cult series with Sarah Jessica Parker, Willie Garson was admittedly hetero. He himself had disclosed that due to his role in Sex and the City had had problems with the women, who saw him as a friend rather than a possible partner. But ever since Nathen had come into his life, his whole life revolved around the always wanted son. “The best day of my life. All timeShe had said when she had adopted him. And after the adoption he founded the association You Gotta Believe with which he undertook to find a family for the children in foster care.

In a 2020 interview with Medium’s Authority Magazine, the actor had also explained that he had chosen to adopt a 7-year-old child because he had a certainty: “With a smaller one I wouldn’t have gotten away with it“. But above all, between him and Nathen it was love at first sight: “I realized that my son must have been Nathen the very moment I saw him“. Fatherhood, he added, had completely transformed him: “It’s such an important job and it makes you grow a lot, from many points of view. Being a dad means having a lot of special feelings».

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