Windows 11 has become more popular than expected. What is her share

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The success of the new version of the operating system can be indirectly judged by its popularity. With Windows 11, not everything is clear here, since the system either showed a significant increase in users, or added only 0.4% in popularity per month (this was the case in April). However, contrary to expectations, the expansion of Windows 11 still has not slowed down irrevocably – from mid-spring to the end of June, the system added 3.5% of users. This is reported by MSPoweruser with a link to the AdDuplex report.

According to recent statistics, Windows 11 with a share of 23.1% almost caught up with Windows 10 21H1, the second most popular build of Windows 10 with 23.9% of users. And if you add the number of insiders testing new versions of Windows 11, then the prevalence of both versions of the system will be equal.

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23.1% (+0.8%, including testers) – this figure was reached by Windows 11, which launched 9 months ago. In comparison, Windows 10 had 38% in its first year. Apparently, the high system requirements of the new platform made themselves felt.

Source: Trash Box

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