Windows Explorer has a feature from … browsers. Very useful

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The appearance of “tabs” has become one of the key innovations in the “Explorer” in recent years, since this option has been waiting almost since the days of Windows 7. But the developers are not going to stop just implementing this feature – they intend to make it as convenient as possible. So, in the latest assemblies of Windows 11, they found a hidden function of turning tabs into separate windows – just pull the tab outside of Explorer to turn it into a new window.

This feature has long been familiar thanks to browsers where it has long been used. Since the innovation is hidden, it is not yet known when it will appear in stable builds of the system – but given the fact that it is already ready (although it works buggy), it is unlikely to have to wait too long for its appearance.

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To manually activate the innovation, you need to use the ViveTool utility and the command vivetool /enable /id:39661369.

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