Windows Subsystem for Android now lets you control your smart home and enable VPN

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Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 11 update 2205.40000.14.0 for testers, in which the Windows Subsystem for Android received a major update. It brings some really useful options – albeit with certain limitations.

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The key innovation is that the subsystem has learned to provide Android applications with access to the local network. This can be useful, for example, to control smart home devices directly from a computer. True, the option is available only for laptops based on ARM processors. There is also support for IPv6 and VPN.

Other notable changes include:

  • The Windows Subsystem for Android IP address is now the same as the computer’s;
  • added support for the AV1 video codec;
  • updated Chromium WebView engine (version 101);
  • May Android kernel patches applied.
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Apparently, so far all the innovations are at an early stage of testing – they are available only to members of the Windows Insider program from the United States. The full list of changes is published in the official blog.

Source: Trash Box

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