Wired journalists mined 13 BTC and lost access to them

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The 13 BTC mined by Wired journalists back in 2013 are now worth almost $ 750,000. However, it seems that access to the cryptocurrency has been lost forever, since the journalists decided to get rid of the private key. There are ~ 13.3 BTC in the journalists’ wallet. The first coins arrived at the address back in December 2013. At the time of this writing, the value of the cryptocurrency in the wallet is estimated at ~ $ 756,000.

Journalists mined BTC as part of an advertising experiment for a miner from Butterfly Labs. The mining of the cryptocurrency went through the mining pool of the Eclipse Mining Consortium. Then the farm gave out from 4.86 to 6.15 Gh / s. Such capacities, as Wired wrote, turned out to be enough to mine just over two bitcoins in ten days. In fact, this meant that it took a little more than a week to pay off the farm, since such a volume of cryptocurrency at that time was estimated at ~ $ 220, and the farm itself cost $ 274.

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Initially, the journalists planned to spend the mined bitcoins for charity, but later decided to completely destroy the private key of the wallet.

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“It [уничтожение приватного ключа] leaves our growing pile of bitcoin jewels locked in digital storage for all eternity. Or at least until someone breaks the SHA-256 encryption that protects it, “Wired wrote.

However, the loss of 13 BTC is still far from the well-known 10,000 BTC payment for a pizza. Let us remind you that the first purchase with the help of bitcoin was pizza. In May 2010, a user named Laszlo bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Translated into dollars, this amount did not exceed $ 40. At the current exchange rate, two pizzas already cost ~ $ 1 billion.

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