Wiretapping: Institutions Committee meets with locked cell phones – Who has been subpoenaed for testimony

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The Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament is meeting today for surveillance, with the mobile phones of the participants staying outside the room as requested yesterday by the Speaker of the Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoulas, during the Conference of Presidents, raising the issue of “self-protection of the process”.

Regarding the procedure itself, Mr. Tasoulas said that it is a hearing (of the invited guests) which essentially constitutes a parliamentary control and that the Commission does not act as a prosecutor of First Instance. He also noted that the persons under hearing will all enter the closed session together and that they will speak/be questioned in turn.

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In the proposal of the opposition parties to publish the minutes of the meeting, without any information related to national security and defense, Mr. Tasoulas said that the regulation only provides for the issuance of a “finding”, that is, an agreed text in the form of conclusions. That is the only way out, however (agreeing to such a finding) is an “impressive challenge,” Mr Tasoulas said.

Who have been invited?

It is noted that invitations for today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Institutions and Transparency have been addressed to:

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– Christos Rammos, president of the Communications Privacy Assurance Authority, honorary vice-president of the Council of State,

– Grigorio Dimitriadis, former general secretary of the Prime Minister,

– Vasiliki Vlachou, Athens Appeals Prosecutor, supervisor of the National Intelligence Service,

– Panagiotis Kontoleontas, former Commander of the National Intelligence Service (NIS),

– Themistoklis Demiri, commander of the National Intelligence Service (NIS),

– Konstantinos Tzavellas, Athens Appeals Prosecutor,

– Theodoros Dravilla, former commander of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and

– Ioannis Roubatis, former commander of the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

The Minister of State, Georgios Gerapetritis, has also been invited to attend

Source: Capital

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