Wiretapping: Nineveh before the storm in the Parliament, due to August 15th – The next steps

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By Niki Zorba

The full stop enters the political controversy over the eavesdropping case on the fifteenth of August and in view of the resumption of Parliament’s work on August 22.

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Where the parties will meet at the Conference of Presidents to plan the next parliamentary moves around the issue, that is, the … timeline of the fight.

On August 22, the Conference of Presidents meets, while probably on the 24th, the discussion of the political leaders on the monitoring requested by the president of SYRIZA will take place. The planning of the new meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee is also pending, with the official opposition party requesting the attendance at a hearing of the current and former Governor of the EYP, the former Secretary to the Prime Minister, the president of the ADAE and the seconded Prosecutor at the EYP . That week, the Commission of Inquiry requested by PASOK will also be decided.

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The government “raised” the gauntlet from the beginning, accepting the request, but it remains to be announced what its own proposal will be for the period of examination of the actions of the EYP. The information from the government camp, they insist that the time period to be examined will concern at least ten years back (and the PASOK government that is).

The government through Act of Legislative Content took a first step, in the direction of the four changes that the prime minister had announced in his message last Monday, without appeasing the angry spirits in the opposition and especially in SYRIZA-PASOK who grosso modo called it for a pretentious and hypocritical move.

At the same time, they provoked a new wave of opposition reactions yesterday statements of ND MP Charalambos Athanasiou who largely said “yes” to surveillance of MPs, for reasons of national security, citing Muslim MPs as an example.

He later issued a clarifying statement, in which he asserted that he never questioned the patriotism of his fellow MPs, regardless of religion.

The developments

On this very front of the developments in relation to the wiretapping case, prosecutor I. Dogiakos, called yesterday one of the main investigators of the case, journalist Tasso Telloglouon the occasion of a post on his twitter, for monitoring by a private person in 2018, the phone of the then leader of the official opposition Kyriakos Mitotsakis.

“I told him that the problem of the services that wanted to get such software is much older than today. This has been magnified after 2020. Persons who played a role in the past, the same persons are still today and that if we want to know what has done with legal attachments in the past, then all the government has done is change the law it passed in March 2021 which retroactively banned those being monitored from asking through a judge to be informed, a right that existed until 2021 and has since been repealed”, the journalist said, among other things, in his statements leaving the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court, adding about the essence of the case:

“I have not made a complaint about Mitsotakis being tracked by this malware. I said there were indications at the time that his phones were not secure, just as there were indications from the KKE in 2017.”

PASOK: Let the government tell the reason for monitoring Androulakis

Harilaou Trikoupi asks the government to say publicly why the president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis, was monitored by the EYP (during the period when he was still an aspiring president, during the internal party procedures of KINAL).

Mr. Androulakis raised high opposition levels, accusing the prime minister of monitoring him through the EYP, even showing him the “exit door”.

SYRIZA: Who else was being monitored?

The official opposition has been demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister and elections since the first day when the political storm broke out and the surveillance of the president of PASOK by the EYP was revealed.

Since then, SYRIZA has been asking for answers (who else was monitored), insisting not only on clarifying the Androulaki case, but also on the monitoring of journalist Thanasis Koukakis with the Predator malware.

Source: Capital

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