With 24.6% Ellington-TMEDE in Attica Bank

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By Leonidas Stergiou

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Following the agreement between the HFSF and the TMEDE-Ellington scheme, their participation in the increase of the share capital of Attica Bank changed the percentages of the main shareholders. According to the decision of the BoD. of Attica Bank, after the distribution of the new shares with a total value of 240 million euros, the percentages are as follows:

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– HFSF: 63.1% from 68% before

– TMEDE: 9.9% from 14.7 before.

– Ellington: 14.7% from zero participation before. Together with TMEDE they hold 24.6% of the Bank, including the shares sold to Rinoa Ltd, under the binding agreement between TMEDE-Ellington-HFSF and ES Gini.

– EFKA: 10.3%, with its percentage remaining unchanged.

– Other dispersion: 2%.

Participation in AMK

The coverage of the share capital increase and the distribution of the shares was done in two stages. In the first, 89.77% of the increase was covered through subscriptions by exercising pre-emptive rights with the payment of a total amount of 215.4 million euros corresponding to 1,077,205,294 new shares. From the 1,077,205,294 shares:

– 753,826,957 were covered by the Financial Stability Fund (FSF),

– 176,368,926 from TMEDE

– 123.122.473 from e-EFKA and

– 23,886,938 from other beneficiaries of pre-emptive rights.

Distribution of unallocated shares

After the exercise of the pre-emptive rights, 122,794,706 new shares remained unallocated, which were sold as follows:

– 1,932,868 new shares corresponding to a total amount of EUR 386,573.60 were offered to investors who had expressed a relevant interest until 17.12.2021, and

– 120,861,838 new shares corresponding to a total amount of 24.2 million euros were sold to RINOA LTD, under the binding basic terms agreement between TMEDE, HFSF, Ellington and ES GINI Investments Limited.

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Source From: Capital

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