With 5G, more promising jobs in the technology sector may emerge, says expert

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The specialist in Technology and Digital Security, Arthur Igreja, in an interview with CNN said that with 5G, more promising jobs in the technology sector could emerge.

He explains that hardware and software will be needed to make it possible within hospitals, for example, to collect many signals from patients in real time, or for people to have connectivity in their homes. “5G will enable a market to be interactive”.

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For this, professionals will be needed to work in the area.

However, the expert declares that manpower is scarce.

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“We have bottlenecks in training, but, in addition, we have to remember that when it comes to technology, the most traditional training […] I’m not going to say it’s taking a back seat, but the fact is that people are looking for free and faster courses [para se capacitarem]”.

(*under Elis Franco’s supervision)

Source: CNN Brasil

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