With above-average rainfall, the country’s reservoirs maintain an upward trend

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The most recent bulletin from the National Electric System Operator (U.S) maintained the positive projection, in January, for the hydro volume of the reservoirs of the Southeast/Center-West subsystem, which is responsible for about 70% of the energy generation in Brazil. The reason: above average rainfall in the region until the end of the month. The information was made available this Friday (21).

The expectation is that the reservoirs in the Southeast/Midwest subsystem will reach 40.6% of total capacity by the end of January. This is because, according to the ONS, the volume of rainfall for the region will be at least 4% higher than the historical average recorded at this time of year.

In the worst water moment in the country, in September 2021, the plants of this subsystem reached a volume of only 16%, which represented the worst water crisis in the last 91 years.

The National Operator’s forecast also indicates a large volume of rainfall in the Northeast and North of the country, which are expected to record record levels of precipitation by the end of January.

Respectively, the subsystems must present average rainfall 48% and 100% higher than those recorded in previous years. For these regions, mills will reach 75.8% and 90.8% of the total volume in the next two weeks.

According to the ONS, the exception was the southern region of Brazil, which is experiencing a water shortage this month. The expectation is that it rains only 38% of what is estimated for January, according to the bulletin. As a result, the volume of reservoirs in this subsystem is expected to drop from 37.6% to 34.5% in the next two weeks.

“The beginning of the week is marked by drought in the basins located in the South region, due to the action of a dry air mass. The monthly forecast for January indicates the occurrence of inflows below the historical average for the South subsystem and above the historical average for the Southeast/Midwest, Northeast and North subsystems”, highlights an excerpt from the ONS bulletin.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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