With Covid-19 down, Santa Claus returns to malls across Brazil

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Away from shopping malls in 2020 due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the good old man returned to his post this week, bringing back the tradition of children’s requests and registration through photos.

For Christmas this year, the Santa Claus School in Brazil, which has been in existence for 28 years and has graduated more than 800 Clauses, provides for the hiring of up to 80% of professionals, a very different scenario from last year, when the demand for the service had a participation of only 20% – and even so, remotely.

Despite the good news, the economic impact is still a challenge for the category, which will receive a 30% lower rate than expected, due to the freeze on the adjustment in the pandemic. Values ​​can range from R$400 (daily) to R$1,500 for visits on the night of December 24th.

For Limachem Cherem, director of the Santa Claus School in Brazil, their situation cannot yet be compared to previous years, outside the context of the pandemic, because of the necessary care, such as social distance and a face mask. But despite the gradual return, the moment is one of celebration.

“The demand is great. We also have schools, clubs and companies to arrive at the get-together party. And the malls, if they are not hiring for a period of 50 days, are hiring for at least 15 days in December. Most Santa Clauses will work this year”, explains Cherem.

With the behavioral changes due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the professionals needed to go through a refresher course. For this Christmas, the Santa Claus School had a demand of 200 people willing to fill the position throughout Brazil.

“The classes took place online and we attended candidates from Curitiba, São Paulo, Goiás and even Guatemala. We had some innovations too, including pound class. Generally, we close groups of up to 30 students, but this year we reach 60 students”, he pointed out.

The superintendent of Shopping Leblon, Rodrigo Lovatti, says that all this Christmas magic brings back optimism. In addition to a special detail in the decoration, it works mainly as a way to attract the public.

“Optimism is coming. We see this in the flow of the mall, in the stores… people sought us out more. We no longer have vacant stores here. It is synonymous with improvement. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, we will already have more than double-digit growth in sales.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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