With high prices, Brazilian agribusiness exports have a record in April

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Agribusiness exports from Brazil totaled US$14.86 billion in April, a record figure for the month, mainly driven by higher prices for soybeans, coffee, chicken and beef, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a note on Friday. 20).

The figure represents an increase of 14.9% compared to April 2021 and occurs despite a decline in the volumes of soybeans, the main product on Brazil’s export agenda, which suffered from a severe drop in the oilseed crop.

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Considering all products, the increase in food prices on the international market also explains the increase in the value of exports, even after a drop in the volume shipped (-13.2%), according to a survey by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade Secretariat.

The soy complex (grains, bran and oil) had sales of US$ 8.09 billion in April, mainly influenced by the expansion of average export prices, which rose 41.4% compared to 2021.

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Alone, soybean exports totaled US$ 6.73 billion in April 2022 (+1%), with prices more than offsetting the sharp reduction in exported volume, of 16.1 million tons in the same month of 2021 to 11.5 million tons in 2022 (-28.8%).

Soybean meal exports increased to US$939.97 million in 2022 (+49.1%) – the exported quantity increased to 1.72 million tonnes (+23.7%), while the average export price rose 20.5%.

Still in the soybean sector, oil exports rose to US$ 415.71 million in April (+81.3%), with a 24.6% increase in volume, reaching 260.2 thousand tons.

Foreign sales of meat reached US$ 2.15 billion in April, up 36.9%.

Beef exports recorded a record US$ 1.10 billion in April (+56.2%), according to the ministry, which cited expansion in exported volume (+22.1%) and average export price ( +27.9%), with strong demand from China and the United States.

In chicken meat exports, the value reached was also a record for the entire historical series, with US$ 802.80 million (+34.3%).

The amount of chicken meat exported rose 5.6%, while the average export price increased 27.2%.

The coffee sector exported 734.16 million, a value 43.5% above April 2021.

According to the analysis, the price factor is preponderant for raising this value.

Record exports occurred as a result of the 82.7% increase in the average price, as the exported quantity dropped 20%.

Source: CNN Brasil

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