With ministerial reform, Bolsonaro tries to shield political appointments team

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In an attempt to avoid political appointments, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) signaled that he will appoint technicians to the command of portfolios that will be part of the next ministerial reform.

In private conversations, reported to the CNN by two government assistants, the president indicated that the commands of the Ministries of Infrastructure and Health will be in charge of current members of the portfolio.

The trend, according to palace advisors, is for the current executive secretary Marcelo Sampaio to replace minister Tarcísio Freitas, who should be a candidate for the government of São Paulo.

In Health, if Minister Marcelo Queiroga decides to run as a candidate for senator for Paraíba, the favorite is the current executive secretary Rodrigo Cruz, who has the sympathy of the military nucleus of the federal government.

With the forecast of a ministerial reform in March, parties that will support the reelection of the president began to charge the bill for the support.

In early January, Palácio do Planalto received signs from members of acronyms such as the PL and PP of interest in positions that will be vacant on the Esplanade of Ministries, such as Health and Infrastructure.

Altogether, ten holders are expected to leave their positions in April to run for governor, senator and deputy. The electoral law establishes the beginning of April as the period for disincompatibility.

The concern of a political subdivision has led presidential assistants to defend that technical names, who already occupy positions in the portfolios, be promoted to the positions of minister, with the objective of not having interruptions in programs or initiatives in progress.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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