With the fall of Ômicron, England resumes Plan A: living with Covid

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After an uncomfortable, albeit relatively brief, return to the restrictions of the coronavirus caused by the Ômicron variant, England is returning to the so-called “Plan A”, that of learning to live with a disease that is probably here to stay.

The bet is that Omicron’s booster shots, antiviral pills and lower severity will allow the government to manage outbreaks of a virus that cannot be eradicated. Other countries that are just as willing to release companies and individual freedoms will watch closely.

The guidelines for remote work ended last week, and measures, such as mandatory use of masks and vaccination passports, also introduced in England last month, expired on Thursday, returning to the rules in force last July.

The UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) is preparing to shift its focus to supporting vulnerable individuals rather than enforcing national rules, according to draft guidelines.

“As we evolve to live with Covid, the UKHSA response to Covid-19 will shift from a national approach to a response focused on protecting the most vulnerable”, states the document, entitled “UKHSA Vision of Covid-19 – Outline” .

“We will ensure that our future response is more streamlined, flexible, and convenient for citizens and delivers value for money.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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