With the taste of fermented baked milk: the world’s first edible vaccine against COVID-19 is being created in Russia


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Russian specialists from the Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM) intend to complete the creation of the world’s first edible vaccine against COVID-19 during this year. Director of the Institute, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Dmitriev told about this to RIA Novosti.

It is reported that such a coronavirus vaccine tastes similar to ordinary fermented baked milk, and it will be injected into the body in the form of a fermented milk product. Scientists began research to create a drug about a year ago. At first it was an IEM initiative, but then the project became one of the areas of research within the established world-class scientific center “Center for Personalized Medicine”.

Experts estimate the cost of research at 200-220 million rubles, so now the management of the institute is looking for options to attract extra-budgetary funding. According to Alexander Dmitriev, preclinical studies of the new vaccine will be completed at the end of this year or early next year.

A feature of the edible vaccine is not only the method of its administration, but also the fact that it promotes the formation of immunoglobulins A (IgA) – a different class of antibodies compared to the traditional vaccine. By the way, IEM already has experience in developing edible vaccines against influenza, pneumococcus and streptococcus. “Fermented baked milk against COVID-19” has already been tested on laboratory mice, rats and rabbits, in which no side effects were found. At the same time, an excellent immune response was observed.

A unique Russian development is easy to manufacture, does not require chemical cleaning, and its cost is very low. In addition, the mass production of such a vaccine can be organized even on the basis of an operating dairy.

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