With vaccination and flexibility, Brazil has a 27% increase in marriages

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The number of marriages grew again after a period of significant decline as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The survey, carried out by the Association of Registrars of Natural Persons (Apen) of Brazil at the request of CNN, reveals a growth of 27.61% between January and October 2021 compared to the same period last year, when the pandemic was at its height and the population had not yet been vaccinated.

7,654 notary offices were consulted, distributed in all municipalities and districts of the country.

In the first ten months of the year, 683,855 civil celebrations were held against 535,823 marriages throughout the year 2020. It is noteworthy that due to the restriction imposed by the pandemic, many celebrations were postponed and that accumulated in 2021 is also due to a repressed demand.

The upward trend began to be noticed in March, when the numbers for 2021 surpassed those for 2020. The increase in vaccination and the relaxation of restrictive measures explain the increase.

“But even with vaccination advancing and with flexibility, the notary offices kept all the necessary precautions, demonstrating that the dream of a life together can be realized, even in the face of this scenario of sanitary crisis that we are experiencing”, explains Gustavo Renato Fiscarelli, president of Arpen-Brazil.

The resumption takes place on the eve of December, traditionally the month in which the largest number of weddings are held in Brazil, being preferred for celebrations. The choice for the month is related to the vacation period for adults and children and the receipt of the thirteenth.

The couple who want to get married in civil law need to look for the nearest registry office, accompanied by two witnesses (over 18 years old and with identification documents), at least 30 days in advance to file the authorization for the marriage.

It is necessary for the couple to have birth certificates (if single), marriage certificates with divorce records (for divorced persons), registered marriage or spouse death certificates (for widowers), in addition to an identity document and proof of residence. The value of the wedding is set in each State of the Federation, and may vary according to the couple’s choice.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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