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Woman discovers that her boyfriend was unfaithful and destroys his car with an ice pick

Finding out and handling the issue of infidelity is not easy, since each person takes it in a different way, as there are those who can accept it peacefully and end the relationship without causing a ruckus, while others seek to quench their thirst for revenge and They find a way to retaliate their feelings.

Just as this girl did, who upon discovering that her partner had been unfaithful to her, in her eagerness to retaliate her courage and the fury that the news caused her, destroyed her boyfriend’s car with the help of an ice pick and went viral on the Internet .

Woman wrecks her partner's car upon discovering his infidelity

The story of this woman became famous through social networks, in which, according to some TikTok profiles, the event occurred in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Through a recording, you can see a young woman who, despite the rain, could not help but take her courage out of her and began to destroy her partner’s car with an ice pick.

The recording shows how the woman begins to remove the headlights from a black Honda vehicle, and then begins to destroy the front and rear windshield, creating small openings until it is completely removed. Following this, she continues with the side windows and other parts of the vehicle.

With a face of satisfaction for retaliating her feelings and taking revenge for the betrayal she received from her partner, in a part of the video you can see that she is not satisfied with the damage she had done to her boyfriend’s vehicle, the girl, on top of her car, it continues to bite the windshield and other parts of the car, until it even went back down to continue with its misdeed.

Shortly after being shared, this girl’s unique revenge soon collected millions of views and likes on social networks, where it was also filled with multiple comments that sparked a debate among users who criticized her, while some women supported her action and described what they would have done.

woman destroyed her partner's car when she discovered that he was unfaithful

So now you know, if you are interested in another girl who is not your partner or someone else is beginning to attract your attention, think twice, lest what happened to this woman’s ex-boyfriend happen to you.

Source: Okchicas

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