Woman finds a bottle with a 1926 message, tracks down the author’s daughter and returns it to her

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In many movies we have seen characters throw messages in bottles into the sea in the hope that someone will find them, but have you ever seen any in real life? Honestly, it is very unlikely that you can see a glass bottle floating and that there is a letter inside it, although it is not impossible. Jennifer Dowker is one of the lucky ones who found one.

The captain of a small boat was on an expedition to discover shipwrecks on one of the coasts of the United States when she saw a bottle floating in the sea and did not hesitate to take it, then she was surprised by what she found inside.

He found a treasure in the middle of the sea

According to information from the television program CNN, Captain Jennifer Dowker found a bottle floating in the middle of the sea while on an expedition. At first she thought it was garbage and that’s why she picked it up, but then she noticed that there was something inside that surprised her. Jennifer discovered that there was a message that apparently was from the year 1926.

At first I thought it was just an empty bottle and then I picked it up, while it was still under water, there I could read the word ‘this’ on the paper.

The bottle had a message inside

Bottle found in the sea with a message

Realizing that it was a letter, he carried it to the deck of the ship and carefully uncovered it. According to the captain, the bottle had a little water inside and a part of the cork was destroyed.

Then he took out the paper with tweezers and with all the care possible. Although it was a bit broken, the following could be read in the letter:

Whoever finds this bottle return the paper to George Morrow, Cheboygan, Michigan and tell you where they found it.

Tracked down the note’s author’s family

Note found in a bottle

Once ashore, Jennifer dedicated herself to following the instructions in the letter and searched for the unknown person. To do this, he uploaded it to different stories on his Instagram account. In addition, he posted the story on his Facebook account. Through social media, he was able to find one of George Morrow’s daughters, a woman named Michele Primeau.

According to Jennifer, the woman approached her and told her that the handwriting was identical to her father’s, so she believed he was the author. At the time, George was between 17 and 18 years old. Michele does not know for what reason he would have thrown the bottle, but says that “it is something that he would have done.”

In addition, she added that that of the notes was something her father used to do when she was little. After the discovery, Michele decided to frame the note and place it next to a photo of his father when he was young. At least now the woman has a beautiful memory of her father.

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