Woman forced her husband to have a vasectomy; she doesn’t want him to have kids if they get divorced

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When we talk about love, we know that not everything is hunky-dory, as there may be jealousy and other possessive feelings. This is, to a certain extent, normal, and sometimes it can even have its good side, because the relationship is strengthened in some way. The problem comes when this jealousy grows to a toxic and harmful level and becomes a monster that can destroy the most beautiful relationships.

The case of the TikTok user @swfl_southernmommanicole It has gone viral because its levels of apprehension are shocking. The girl says that, as soon as she has her third child with her husband, he will have to have a vasectomy, to prevent him from having children with another. The reason? Please her, that he doesn’t want to go through the hassle of interacting with another family he might have in the future.

Rushing baby #3 so my husband can hurry up and get a vasectomy so that in case we break up, there won’t be any more babies for him. Only ours.

– Nicole

Nicole has shared on TikTok the reasons why she does not want her husband to retain his reproductive abilities after conceiving their third child: in the event of a separation, she has no desire to put up with her ex having children with another.

This is all entirely based on hypothetical situations, and Nicole even goes so far as to imagine situations where her husband’s new partner (completely imaginary, by the way) gets excited about the prospect of having children, only to find out that it won’t be possible. because he already had a vasectomy.

In addition, it is obvious that he wants to maintain a certain “exclusivity” with respect to his ex, since the measure is preventive in case they separate. However, obtaining satisfaction from the suffering of another woman or her husband does not seem to be a particularly healthy thing.

Many users have made the observation that Nicole’s attitude seems to be tyrannical, as she imposes on her husband the decision about the right of others to have (or not) children. Or at least that has been the perception of some of her followers.

Even so, Nicole assures that it has been a joint decision, and that she will also have surgery after the third baby, since her choice was made with the well-being of her children in mind. However, the girl shows a defensive attitude towards criticism, and when she is reminded that the vasectomy can be reversed, Nicole does not take it in the best way.

Apparently, the criticism that has been made about her behavior or her future plans for her possible divorce has not been entirely comfortable for her, since Nicole justified herself by saying: “If you don’t like what I say, it’s none of your business, block me And keep going”. And well, it is true that, at the end of the day, if it is a decision that they made together, it is a couple issue and their freedom to choose on that and many other issues must be respected.

Everything is laughter and fun when they talk about the moms, but when one answers them, they get scared. If you don’t like it, don’t report me, just block the content. What other people do in your house is not my business, and what we decide in my house is not anyone else’s business either. I only know the rules of my own home.

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