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Woman gave up alcohol for a month and was surprised at the benefits

Alice Gibbs is an internet culture and trends reporter for the magazine Newsweek, based in the United Kingdom, who was able to see how a difference in his alcohol consumption did wonders for his memory, so he decided to publish an article with the results.

Alice admits that she is a drinker, as she enjoys drinking wine and beer on her weekend outings with her friends, but usually in January of each year, she tries not to try any alcohol, because after the holidays feel that it is necessary to forget about alcoholic beverages for a while.

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The reporter has been doing this kind of self-imposed detoxification for three years and confesses that it has always made her feel better. So she started reading about it and discovered a study called “Mind Crowd”, which consists of doing small tasks that test memory and attention. This study was created by Matt Huentelman and his team, who is a division director and professor of Neurogenomics in the NeoGenomics Division.

In addition, Huentelman often talks about the benefits and changes in habits that can be obtained by stopping drinking. At the start of her month of abstinence, Alice took the test, on which she scored 44 percent on her memory. The reporter worried about her, since the average study score was 69 percent, so she decided that she would put her mind to her month of abstinence.

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Better sleep, exercise more, improve eating habits, improve socialization richness, improve stress tolerance, reduce inflammation of the brain and body. I think the positive effects of not drinking can be a long list.

After the month of abstinence was over, Alice tried the test again. To her surprise, she scored 78 percent this time, placing her even above average, so she promised herself that she would pay more attention to realizing the impact that habits have on our bodies and minds.

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The positives are undeniable, and if giving up a drink can give me a better social experience, a clearer mind, and a more productive lifestyle, that’s something I can agree with.

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