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Woman gives birth in elevator in MT: “Craziest night of my life”

Bárbara Trindade Passos Casela, 34, gave birth to a girl, standing, in the elevator of the condominium where she lives, in the Jardim Tropical neighborhood, in Cuiabá, around 2:18 am last Thursday (16).

The labor, which started when she was home, lasted two hours and the baby was born at 37 weeks and four days.

Thrilled and with her daughter in her arms, Bárbara told the CNN who started feeling contractions around midnight and then called her husband Laércio Amaro Alves, 36 years old, to take the last record of their daughter still in her belly.

The baby, who was born prematurely, was named Joana Casela Amaro in honor of her paternal grandmother.

The mother said that the child’s birth was scheduled for the end of March. She remembers that her husband called the neighbor and her mother, Deise Maria Trindade Passos, 58, who lives a few blocks from her house.

It was the mother, a nurse, who provided first aid at home and in the elevator.

After little Joana was born, the parents and grandmother only had time to show the girl to her older brother, Petrus Casela Amaro, 4 years old.

Then, with Joana wrapped in a towel in her mother’s arms, her husband and mother-in-law called the hospital to perform the medical procedures.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Barbara and Joana were admitted. Despite the mother being discharged, the baby needed to be cared for on site. The discharge forecast is for this Sunday (19).

Father Laércio also spoke to CNN and said that Joana is “pure adrenaline, this girl is going to be the family’s buzz”.

Laércio summed up the day the little girl was born: “Joana taught me that now it’s no longer ‘I’ who plan things, but ‘we plan’”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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