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Woman lived begging for money in the streets to eat until she won the lottery

Undoubtedly, winning the lottery changes anyone’s life, because after having bet on luck, the lucky ones know that their future will be resolved for many years or forever.

Feel-good stories like these are moving and often inspiring, especially if they involve good people who thought they had lost everything. Such is the case of Mercedes, a woman from Alicante, Spain, who won more than a million dollars in the lottery.

Mercedes and Maria Angeles Torregrosa

Known and loved by the residents of the Florida neighborhood, according to euronewsbefore luck smiled on her, Mercedes was a woman who asked for food and money at the door of a supermarket located just in front of the Estanco 54 Lottery administration, the place that changed her life.

At the end of the day, the mother of five children would cross the sidewalk to go to the establishment and buy a Bonoloto ticket for one dollar. She kept repeating this process for four years, until one day she found out that her ticket had been awarded just over a million dollars.

Estanco Lottery 54

When it became known that the first prize of the Bonoloto had been sold in the place, the neighbors were anxious to know who had been the lucky one, all except the winner herself, who, indifferent to the news, continued begging as usual.

She was left crying. Despite believing that the numbers matched, she did not imagine that she could be the winner. So when we found out, we all started crying and she was even shaking with emotion.

– María Ángeles Torregrosa, owner of the tobacconist, for ‘Euronews’

Mercedes and Maria Angeles Torregrosa

According to the newspaper The countryAfter collecting the money and depositing it in the bank, Mercedes and her family plan what to invest it in. However, the winner surprised many with the first purchase she made, as she decided to give herself a pair of sneakers.

The first thing he did was buy a pair of five-dollar sneakers and he came to show them to me. It has been very exciting for her. She keeps doing what she always did, what she did every day. Everything, except begging, of course.

– María Ángeles Torregrosa, owner of the tobacconist, for ‘El País’

Source: Okchicas

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