Woman says she married her duvet and will be faithful to her until the last day of her life

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There is nothing more beautiful than finding your better half. In fact, it’s something so important that many people dedicate their entire lives to achieving it. That is why stories like the following remind us that you can find love even in your own room.

Pascale Sellick is the woman who fulfilled her dream of walking down the aisle with what she loved most in this world, her mattress cover. What we would say was love at first cotton happened as in any relationship, one day they both simply knew that they did not want to be away for another minute.

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Pascale Sellick with her mattress topper

That’s how Anna, the happy couple’s wedding planner, made a dream celebration come true that all the furniture in the house would envy. Beauty and the Beast. The ceremony was attended by 120 (human) guests, but we can almost be sure that the magical mat of aladdin he was the husband’s godfather.

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Before getting married, Sellick and her husband attended the British television show this morningwhere we could see them very caramelized, since the quilt never removed the fibers from his fiancée, with which we were able to corroborate that they are extremely in love.

Long live the bride and groom!  Aladdin mat

But in a turn of events, the lovers declared that they are in a polyamorous relationship. The bedspread confessed that he came into the life of her beloved when she already had a partner, but that things flowed so well between the three of them that there was no major inconvenience. They get along so well that they even share a bed!

The relationship between the two is going so well that Sellick declared that she is not interested in another mat that is not him. Although she also mentioned that things between them do not have a sexual connotation, but rather it is more about the connection they share, since he represents for her a symbol of her own love.

Pascale Sellick on top of her mattress topper

I’ve had other duvets before, but I stick with this one. Take some time for his self-esteem, self-care, and under his covers, and if you want, marry him. Why not?

Source: Okchicas

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