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Woman shot dead by neighbor after fight over noise at home

A woman, identified as Lindilene Pereira dos Santos, was shot dead after arguing with a neighbor over the noise of a sound she was listening to on the balcony of her residence, in Colatina (ES). The victim called the police after a series of attacks and was shot.

According to the Military Police, the suspect went to Lindilene's house and asked her to turn down the volume of the sound. She would have complied with the request, but the individual returned and entered the yard, trying to physically attack the resident.

According to the PM, the man damaged the electrical network at Lindilene's house by pulling the wires. He then climbed onto the terrace of his own house and threw several stones towards his neighbor's balcony, damaging a washing machine and a six-pack.

Due to what happened, Lindilene called the Integrated Operational Center for Social Defense (CIODES). When police arrived at the scene, the suspect's wife reported that he had fled on a motorcycle.

Police began searching to locate him. During the search, the suspect returned home and came across Lindilene, who was with her brother, trying to fix the pole wires.

At that moment, the man began to curse the woman and, after arguing, he climbed back onto the terrace of his house and fired shots at the neighbor, who was hit. Lindilene was taken to Silvio Avidos Hospital, but arrived dead. After the shooting, the suspect fled again on a motorcycle and has not yet been located.

Source: CNN Brasil

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