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Woman who threw acid in young man’s face charged with attempted murder

The Public Ministry of Paraná (MPPR) denounced, this Thursday (6), the 23-year-old woman, who threw caustic soda against Isabelly Ferreira, his partner’s ex-girlfriend, for attempted qualified homicide.

A young woman was arrested by the Military Police two days after the crime, which occurred on May 22, in Jacarezinho, Paraná. She is preventively detained in the Public Prison of Santo Antônio da Platina.

The complaint argues that the woman’s defense was made difficult by the action being carried out by futile motive (jealousy) and because it is considered a cruel and feminicide .

The body also requires that an amount be set to repair the material, moral and aesthetic damages suffered by the victim.

The suspect was arrested after she called the police herself because she was being persecuted by four men in the region. She ended up hiding in a bush area, where agents located the clothes worn by the suspect in the recordings of the incident. At the time, she wore a blonde wig as a disguise, according to the PM.

Remember the case

Isabelly Ferreira suffered serious injuries caused after an attack by an acidic substance in the city of Jacarezinho, in Paraná, on Wednesday afternoon (22). She was taken to the Jacarezinho Emergency Room after the incident.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the Military Police (PM) made contact with the institution’s professionals, who informed that the The victim was intubated and had injuries to his face. in addition to lesions in the chest and mouth region, indicating probable ingestion of the chemical component.

At the scene of the attack, the police found a glass and a bag that would have been used in the crime. Security camera images were also collected. The objects and images were sent to the Civil Police, where the case is being investigated. The suspect threw caustic soda with water.

(With information from Bruno Laforé)

Source: CNN Brasil

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