“Women for salvation” in Draghi: investing in women’s work for recovery

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The group Women for Salvation – Half of it asks the government to make the Recovery Plan, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, a tool to strengthen female employment. 44 organizations and associations put forward, with a letter to Prime Minister Draghi reported by Repubblica, the request for a “massive investment in social infrastructures”.

«Female employment must grow. We are last in Europe for employment of young women aged 25 to 34 and penultimate for other age groups »says the group.

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The first thing to reduce is the gender gap. Italy, according to the Global Gender Gap report del World Economic Forum, is 63rd out of 156 countries. Participation in politics is okay, not economics. In Italy less than one in two women works, almost half have part-time contracts, only 28% of women are managers and the wage difference is estimated by various international organizations between 5.6% and 12%.

To bridge this difference, the associations are asking for practical interventions. Especially in the welfare. More services for children, therefore kindergartens, and more facilities for assistance to the elderly and disabled. Local health services and an increase in activities to combat violence against women are needed.

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With the letter, the group asks to join the associations with which the executive is confronted. The proposals they bring are the doubling of funds for nursery schools with the aim of reaching coverage of 60% of children and a triple increase of those for female entrepreneurs, to date 800 million euros. At least 5 million are needed for assistance to the elderly and disabled. Among the requests also that of generalized full-time for the school.

A Women for Salvation – Half of it the support of M5S and Pd has arrived. “The issue of women’s employment and, more generally, the empowerment of women are the great issue that the Recovery Plan must have at the center,” said Cecilia D’Elia, spokesperson for the Conference of Democrats.

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