Women share their reasons for not being mothers and they are 1000% valid

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Being a mother is the dream of many women. Proof of this is that approximately 372,000 babies are born every day around the world, although for other women, bringing a baby into the world can be their worst nightmare, and we do not judge them, because it is not an easy task, on the contrary, it entails a Big responsibility.

For many years, the thought existed (it still persists today) that the main objective of a woman was to become a mother, that only when she had children would she feel personally fulfilled. In fact, there is still a lot of rejection towards women who decide not to experience motherhood, because they are accused of being selfish or immature.

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Woman carrying her baby on her chest

The reality is that times are changing and more and more women break this pattern of being born, growing, reproducing and dying, preferring to pursue new goals and ambitions, both personal and professional, despite criticism and social pressure.

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In turn, all of us as a society are trying to move towards a world with less prejudice and more freedom, in which we can all respect the decisions of others, without trying to impose our opinion, being authentic without following guidelines just to please others. .

Woman and questions about motherhood

Although we don’t need to explain our life choices, many women have openly shared that they don’t want children and have given their reasons, which are completely valid, even though some of them may be crude or uncomfortable.

For this reason, today we present a compilation of reasons that women have shared publicly on social networks for why they do not want to be mothers.

1. Desire for free time and freedom

Woman on her back with white backpack holding a glass

The reason I don’t want to have children is because I’m too selfish and don’t want to dedicate my life to someone other than myself. And that is valid. Maternity is a commitment that must be assumed consciously and willingly, I do not have the will to give myself up to a child.

– @Villafranca via Twitter

2. Health issues

Woman from behind sitting on a bench

I do not have patience. In my family, diabetes, hypertension and cancer are genetic, I like my time alone, so I can’t imagine being on the lookout for someone 24/7. And most importantly, I don’t think I’m psychologically well, there’s no way to ruin the coconut of an innocent child.

– @ElQuesoPanela via Twitter

3. They are a lot of responsibility

Woman sitting with baby crying stressed clutching her head

I love children, but I am terrified of bringing a new being and not having the ability to provide them with everything they require and need to be a dignified and responsible citizen. They are not an accessory, except one more step to achieve, they are the biggest project. @KiaraSamir via Twitter

4. They are expensive

baby lying with a calculator

They ask me why I don’t want children and what I always answer is because I want all the time and money for myself. It sounds selfish, but it’s the truth. Having children takes you into the background and I don’t want to.

– @GioAdams via Twitter

5. Motherhood just isn’t her thing

Group of friends celebrating with drinks

I knew I didn’t want to be a mother since I was 16 years old, I always said out loud ‘I’m not going to have children’ and always got the ‘you’ll change your mind later’ response. I think it’s valid when I was so young, but now I’m 37 and they keep asking me if I’m absolutely sure. If I’m sure.

– @Isabel239 via Twitter

6. Environmental reasons


A guy from my work asked me if I had children, to which I answered no and I don’t even want to and he called me selfish for that. I told him it’s more selfish to bring children into a world bleeding from global warming, crime, overpopulation. What do you expect to leave him?

– @Gloriaabm via Twitter

7. Empowerment

Empowered woman in glasses, beret and red scarf

Well, I don’t want to have children right now because I don’t want to share my money with anyone other than my partner, I want the freedom to continue traveling, preparing and giving myself certain ‘luxuries’ that I couldn’t with children.

– @Marcelara151 via Twitter

8. Body changes

Postpartum abdomen

The number one reason I don’t want kids is BECAUSE I HATE BODY CHANGES. Thinking that my belly will grow, that my organs will rearrange and milk will come out of my breasts, writing this, I already had a stroke, really.

– @SoyMiroslawa via Twitter

9. Lack of patience

Impatient woman with her children clutching their heads and two children on her back

The net, I don’t want children because I don’t feel like taking care of them or spending money on them. I have no patience or encouragement, I like my life like this, without having to take care of another 100 percent.

– @Mum_Rat via Twitter

10. Mental stability

woman taking psychological therapy

I have decided not to have children and I think I would make a terrible mother. I have no problem believing that she would give my all to take care of a child, I just know that she would wear me down. I know I would neglect my own needs and it would be impossible for me to function, plus I don’t want to make ‘another me’. People ask me things like ‘Don’t you want to make someone as smart as you? I live in this brain and I wouldn’t want to inflict my depression, anxiety, and OCD on my child, so no, 100 percent no.

– @SofLin98 via Twitter

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