Women’s Monthly Calendar 8.1.0

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An extremely elegant app that helps and supports women in tracking their periods, cycle, ovulation and pregnancy (fertile days). An excellent app for women who are worried about conception, birth control, contraception, or who just want to check how regular or irregular their periods are.

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It is very convenient to use, despite the fact that it has numerous functionalities. Tracks irregular periods, weight, temperature, mood, blood flow, symptoms, etc. Excellent at predicting fertile days, ovulation and menses. The app can adapt to your own previous menstrual cycles and accurately predict the important days that interest you.

You can visually present all the information you need right on the first screen of your calendar.

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No worries about security or privacy, as access to the calendar can be closed with your own password, which blocks sensitive information from prying eyes. In addition, it provides the ability to back up and restore all of your data.

It’s great at informing you about your upcoming periods, fertile and ovulation days with discrete reminders.

Key Features:

  • an intuitive calendar where you can visualize non-fertile, fertile, ovulation days, as well as expected menstruation and days of the menstrual cycle
  • menstruation tracker, calculator and calendar
  • functionality to back up and restore calendar, cycles and settings. You never have to worry about losing your calendar data
  • intuitive user interface with essential summarized information for a quick overview
  • daily activities to keep in mind
  • a daily record that allows you to save the following information: course, sexual intercourse, symptoms, mood, temperature, weight, medications, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), other diary entries
  • easy movement between days
  • reminders to alert you of upcoming menstruation, fertile windows, or ovulation
  • PIN to protect confidential data
  • allows you to track different signs of ovulation
  • selection of different units of measurement
  • the ability to reset all saved data
  • the time intervals for menstruation prediction available in the settings section: adjustable, default and average
  • adjustable luteal phase duration
  • allows observation of the cervix
  • the ability to choose the first day of the week (Monday or Sunday)
  • hold mode – allows you to hide information related to ovulation, fertility and sexual intercourse.
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