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Women’s resignations: 44 thousand mothers left their jobs in 2022

Women continue to move away from the job market, better to be removed. And they are especially women with children. In 2022, over 44 thousand mothers have left their jobs according to the annual report on resignation validations of working mothers and working fathers presented within the first three years of the birth of their children and analyzed by the Labor Inspectorate.

There were a total of 61,391 validated resignations with an increase of 17.1% compared to 2021. The majority were female. 72.8% of the measures, over 44 thousand validated resignations, concern women.

The motivation? Almost always the same: the difficulty of reconciling work, private life and work. 63% of new mothers declare this compared to 7.1% of fathers. Only 24% of women resign to change jobs while for men the main reason for resigning is to move to another company.

The reasons for the difficulty in reconciling family and work are equally well known: a support network is missing, without grandparents you need a nursery which often doesn’t exist or is too expensive for 32.2% of people. For 17.6% the problem is linked to particularly harsh working conditions, change of location or distance from the workplace.

The key moment is motherhood. Those who leave their jobs are mostly between 29 and 44 years old, 79.4%. 58% are male or female workers with only one child or expecting their first child.

They leave more workers and employees, 92%, than managers, but among these there are more women than men. Approximately 65.8% of the validation measures, equal to 40,402, refer to full-time employment relationships, compared to 20,983 part-time which represent the remaining 34.2%.

The production sector in which the validations are most concentrated, as in previous years, is the tertiary sector to which 35,530 measures refer, equal to approximately 58% of the total, followed by industry (7,981, 13%), construction (1,582, 2.6%) and agriculture (335, 0.5%).

Source: Vanity Fair

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