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Work, the 20 best companies according to Millennials

What are the jobs most sought after by Millennials? What are the companies where Italians between the ages of 26 and 42 would like to work? Great Place to Work Italya company specialized in the study and analysis of the corporate climate, has drawn up the ranking of Best Workplaces for Millennials 2023listening to the opinions expressed by over 16 thousand collaborators belonging to generation Y of 117 companies, collected on the basis of the answers given to the company climate questionnaire.

Among the organizational excellences 70% have their headquarters in Italy while information technology (40%) is the most represented sector, ahead of professional services (20%) and financial and insurance services (10%).

The podium of the 2023 edition is confirmed in first place, for the fifth consecutive year, Bending Spoons, a Milanese company active in the field of IT software devices, ahead of Skylabs Srl (IT consultancy) and Luxoft Global Operations (IT consultancy). Followed by American Express, Storeis, Reverse SpA, Ermes Cyber ​​Security, Nebulab, Agile Lab and Teleperformance. The places in the ranking between eleventh and twentieth are occupied by Thoughtworks Italia, GalileoLife, Fiscozen, Cisco Systems, Webranking, Lipari People, Vianova SpA, Hilton, Sorgenia SpA and Gruppo UNOX.

Among the reference sectors of the companies awarded in the ranking the main one is information technology (40%)followed by professional services (20%), financial and insurance services and manufacturing & production (10%). This year’s ranking rewards 5 large companies (with more than 500 collaborators), 6 medium large companies (with a number of collaborators between 150 and 499), 6 medium small companies (with a number of collaborators between 50 and 149) and 3 small companies (with fewer than 50 collaborators).

«From the analysis of the data of the ranking of the best workplaces according to Millennials, it emerges, clearly and evidently, the ability and attention that the IT sector, which occupies the entire podium, has had in developing and promoting attractive policies for young talents”, explains Beniamino Bedusa, president of Great Place to Work Italy.

«Furthermore, continuing to analyze the insights of the ranking of the best places to work according to Millennials, it emerges that 70% of the companies classified have their headquarters in Italy and 30% are represented by «Rookies» companies, that is, they have carried out the company climate survey for the first time in the period considered for the analysis (October 2022 – September 2023) demonstrating the importance for organizations of monitoring the level of staff satisfaction”.

Among the most appreciated features, «the integrity of people in their relationships with the company and colleagues», the perception of the company’s direct commitment to improving the working environment, the transparent and trusting relationship with management and the possibility of receiving recognition that enhances the commitment made.

Source: Vanity Fair

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