Work: The coronavirus hit women hardest

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The women hit hardest by the losses jobs due to its pandemic coronavirus In relation to men, only men’s employment is likely to return to 2019 levels this year, the International Labor Organization (ILO) announced on Monday.

Women are at greater risk of being laid off or reduced their working hours during periods of health, economic and social constraints, especially in areas such as hotel, The construction, the Food Services, said the UN agency.

Many women have not only experienced severe income loss but also continue to shoulder its weight unpaid work in the provision of care, is added.

“Although the planned development “Women’s employment in 2021 exceeds that of men, but it will not be enough to bring women back to pre-pandemic employment levels,” the ILO report said, according to the EIA.

In total, between 2019 and 2020, the 4,2% employment was eliminated as a result of the pandemic, representing a loss 54 million jobs, compared to 3% of men’s employment or 60 million jobs, it points out.

In addition, the number of working women in 2021 is projected to be 13 million jobs less compared to 2019, while the number of men in employment is expected to be around the same level as in 2019. “Only 43.2% of women of working age worldwide will be employed in 2021, compared to 68.6% of men of working age “, emphasizes the International Labor Organization.

It is noted, finally, that the North and the South America had the largest regional decline in women’s employment due to the pandemic, in 9,4%, and the outlook remains bleak for women in the region.

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