Working group discussing Santos Dumont concession will be expanded

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The work group of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which analyzes, for 30 days, possible adjustments in the modeling of the Santos Dumont Airport concession, in Rio de Janeiro, will have new members.

The project has been criticized by authorities from Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janeiro, who consider the expansion in the number of flights of the equipment to be a predatory dispute with Tom Jobim International Airport (Galeão).

The Ministry of Infrastructure informed CNN that the first institution not included in the original formation of the working group, which asked to participate in the discussions, was the Brazilian Navy, which already participated in the first round of debates, held on the 19th. , would be five representatives of the state and another five of the federal government.

The ministry also informed that the round of discussions has even attracted the interest of airport concessionaires from other units of the federation. They do not need to be interested in participating in the auction to claim to follow the debates on modeling.

According to the agency, requests were submitted to GRU Airport, concessionaire of Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo, and Inframerica, of Juscelino Kubitscheck International Airport, in Brasília.

“The requests are still under analysis, but it should be noted that the debate on the seventh round of airport concessions is public and it is not the Federal Government’s intention to veto the participation of any representative or entity that is related to the topic and can contribute, and that has formally required to join the aforementioned WG. Thus, those who have already formalized their request should join the work starting next week”, reads an excerpt from the note from the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The fact that the City of Rio de Janeiro was not invited to the working group generated criticism from Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD). In a publication on a social network, the head of the municipal executive even criticized the composition of the collegiate: “Institutionality between levels of government is fundamental. Electoral politics should not override this. The city hall not participating is absurd”.

According to the ministry, the City of Rio has expressed its intention to participate in the group, but has not yet formally requested it.

Sought, the municipality responded through the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Innovation and Simplification. “Rio City Hall will ask, at the beginning of next week, for five vacancies in the working group, as well as the other federative entities that make up the WG. The names are still being defined.”

The authorities of Rio de Janeiro defend that the concession limit the number of flights of Santos Dumont, so that it works in a system of complementarity with Galeão, already granted to the private sector in 2013, for 35 years.

The objective is to leave the downtown airport facing the air bridge (Rio x São Paulo) and regional aviation. That is, shorter flights, and keep the others on the Ilha do Governador equipment, where an expansion was inaugurated in 2016, the Píer Sul, with 26 new boarding bridges.


The Ministry of Infrastructure’s concession model provides for a series of interventions to improve the safety of airports where concessions take place and offer more comfort to passengers. For Santos Dumont, the agency provides for at least five measures.

According to the ministry, the future concessionaire will have to: adapt the lanes of the landing and take-off runways, expand the width of the two runways and correct the level of service at the passenger terminal. The adaptation of the access road to the Naval School is also planned.

This is precisely the controversy that leads the Navy to debate. This is because another measure, the installation of a security area at the end of the runway, can result in the expropriation of land by the military force and create difficulties in accessing the officer training center.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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