World Cancer Day, Silvia: “I need assistance”

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A lump on the breast. This is how Silvia, 48, recognized and named cancer ever since. “A seven-centimeter bump that grew in no time.” It was 2015 and after cycles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, the situation had stabilized. “Three years later, in 2018, brain metastases appeared, then liver metastases.”

On February 4, 2021, the World Cancer Day, this year, the message that the Ministry of Health has chosen to launch is “Cancer can be beaten. Let’s do it together”, reiterating the importance of prevention but also the need to be side by side, especially in situations of greater vulnerability.

Silvia lives in Dragona, a small town near Rome, and was born with a genetic malformation, spina bifida. «A perfect cocktail», Silvia smiles on the phone, as she tells me a story that would just like to be very bitter and that concerns everyone. “I have to undergo chemotherapy every 21 days and since I am in a wheelchair due to the tumor, I can no longer drive alone as I did before “.

That’s why his story concerns us. Because Silvia, like other patients who contacted her to make their voices heard, has been waiting for a response from the health services and the municipality of Rome for several weeks so that she can be guaranteed assistance to go for chemotherapy. “To date, the volunteers of the Misericordia di Fiumicino association accompany me for free “. But it is not certain that they can assist her for the time necessary while it is certain that Silvia will have to undergo chemotherapy for life.

“My mother is a so-called metastatic cancer patient, that is, she will have to undergo chemo for life”, writes Giada, Silvia’s eldest daughter in fundraiser he launched on GoFundme “To be able to buy a minivan that has a platform for wheelchairs, so as to be able to give back to my mother the right to be treated and why not go out for a walk with her children”.

After a fall which occurred while trying to get into the car to leave the house, Silvia suffered a knee fracture that does not allow her to move independently. “Unfortunately the institutions are not helping me and I am not getting answers from anyone”, continues Giada, emphasizing that before the arrival of the volunteers of the Misericordia association, they were forced to pay in taxi up to 70 euros every time Silvia where to reach the hospital and go home.

“Three years ago I bought a new car to be autonomous,” says Silvia, who thanks to her company has the opportunity to continue working from home. “Now I can’t take on a new car with a platform because it would mean making other installments for me but we know that cancer patients are there today and we don’t know tomorrow. I don’t want to leave debts to pay to my children. “

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