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World Cup in Belo Horizonte: 7 parties to watch the games in the city

The search for hexa in 2022 is in full swing. the opening of Qatar World Cup took place last Sunday (20), in doha 🇧🇷 This Thursday (24), Brazil debuts in the competition against Serbia. In the group stage, the team will play twice more: against Switzerland, on Monday (28), and then against Cameroon, on Friday (2).

Belo Horizonte , which was one of the venues for the 2014 World Cup, is ready to celebrate the competition and wants to show that the fateful 7×1 match that took place in Mineirão, in July of that year, is a thing of the past. Event organizers in the city are preparing parties to welcome fans next month.

Check out 7 parties in Belo Horizonte to cheer for during the World Cup:

Rare in Cup

Very close to Belo Horizonte, in Nova Lima, the Raro na Copa event will take place, which will bring together well-known and popular names from the current music scene. The duo Henrique & Diego, Bruninho and Davi, Kevin or Chris, MC Kekel and Felipe Araújo are some of the attractions. In all, there will be more than 30 artists who will perform at the event, which will extend according to the progress of the Brazilian team in the competition.

Entries and full schedule can be found in this link. Values ​​start from R$ 140 (plus taxes).

Rancho do Boi Restaurant – Rodovia BR-040, Km 545, no number – Nova Lima – MG


Ginga is a party that will take place in different cities during the World Cup. In Belo Horizonte, UniBH will be the main stage of the project, which will also bring together names known by the public.

On November 24th, in the game between Brazil and Serbia, the group Attitude 67 will be the main attraction. On the 28th, when the national team plays against Switzerland, it will be George Henrique & Rodrigo’s turn to shake up the day. Singer Gustavo Mioto closes the group stage presentations on December 2, the day of the match against Cameroon.

The party will continue in the other phases of the World Cup, but the dates may change according to the progress of Brazil. The group Menos é Mais, Dilsinho, DJ Lucas Beat among other names complete the list of attractions.

Tickets are now on sale. More details, such as the complete program and prices, can be found at this link.

Avenida Professor Mário Werneck, 1685, Belo Horizonte – MG

Brahma Arena

At the Mineirão Stadium, an emblematic spot in the city, the Brahma Arena will be set up. Shows by Jota Quest and Gustavo Mioto will be the main attractions of the event. Other names and full schedule will be announced during the course of the competition. Tickets start at R$20 (plus taxes) and can be found in this link.

Avenida Antônio Abrahão Caram, 1001 – São José, Belo Horizonte – MG


BudX is also an event that takes place in different cities in Brazil (and in this case, the world). During the World Cup, the Budweiser beer brand – which is FIFA’s official beer brand – will set up a space in Belo Horizonte that will host concerts by Djonga, Rael, Gilsons, Gabriel O Pensador, among other attractions.

The space that will host the event has 2,000 m² and will be all themed. The schedule begins with Brazil’s debut in the World Cup and runs until the end of the competition, on December 18. Entries and full schedule can be found in this link.

Rua Itambé, 200, Floresta – Belo Horizonte, MG

Copa Park

At Palácio das Mangabeiras, Parque da Copa will celebrate the competition from November 24th to November 18th, when the grand finale will take place. At the foot of Serra do Curral, the public will find a musical program every day. Gastronomy, in turn, will have a special theme: it will be dedicated to world champions.

The schedule released was only on the days of the games in Brazil. On Thursday (24th), against Serbia, Chama o Síndico, Pacato Cidadão and DJ Nezt will be responsible for commanding the track.

On Monday (28th), when Brazil takes the field against Switzerland, it will be Banda Pipa’s turn to lead the presentations. On Friday (2), against Cameroon, So Brilha and Baile do Magua will be the attractions.

The place will have a kids space and children under 10 years old do not pay admission. Tickets are on sale in this website and have affordable prices.

Mangabeiras Palace – Mangabeiras, Belo Horizonte – MG

Cup House – John John Bar

The John John Bar, from Belo Horizonte, is organizing Casa da Copa. On game days in Brazil there will be a special program and a different menu in a large space. The djs Nat Valverde, Erik Vilar and Bruno Moutinho will be the attractions of the first days of the games in Brazil. The place will be completely decorated and the organization’s idea is that the fans feel inside the stadium.

Tickets have a single price: R$ 40 (plus taxes) – available in this link🇧🇷

Rua Sergipe, 1187 – Belo Horizonte – MG

carna cup

Organized in the open air, on a large rooftop overlooking the Serra do Curral, the Carna Cup will take place during the Brazilian games until the end of the competition.

LED panels, with a complete structure for broadcasting games, will be mounted. In addition, the space will feature scenography and a stage in 360 format for the shows that the party will host.

The group +5521, Du Monteiro, Certa Falar and DJ Caio Aguiar are the first confirmed attractions. Entries and full schedule can be found in this link.

Rooftop Só Marcas Auto Shopping – Avenida Babita Camargos, 1295, Belo Horizonte – MG / Phone: (31) 99223-9315

Source: CNN Brasil

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