World first: Transplantation in a coronavirus patient with a living donor transplant

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The first transplant was successfully completed lung in a coronavirus patient with a living donor implant, reports CNN.

Doctors from his University Hospital Kyoto A woman underwent the risky 11-hour operation, during which her husband’s lung tissue was transplanted to her.

The woman had suffered, as did his other patients coronavirus, severe damage to her lungs, nevertheless, the 30-member team of doctors can be proud to have successfully completed the difficult transplant.

The head of the project, Dr. Hiroshi Date, considers that this successful operation raises hopes in those who are seriously ill with coronavirus.

“It is now proving that graft transplants from living donors are also possible,” Date told a news conference on Thursday.

The woman who underwent the operation had been infected with the virus since late last year and had spent months connected to a mechanical support device that acted as an artificial lung.

The woman’s real lungs were so damaged that mechanical support was needed to keep her alive – alternatively, she had to have a transplant.

Eventually, the woman’s husband and son were willing to donate a transplant from their own lungs, which doctors encouraged, as transplantation from people who are still alive is considered more effective.

The woman is going to remain in the Intensive Care Unit for another two months, after which she will be able to continue her life normally.

Long-term lung damage appears to be one of the major risks for coronavirus patients.

Earlier this year, a study in Wuhan, China, found that 1,700 former coronavirus patients had more or less permanent damage to their lungs, as seen on X-rays.

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