World follows Brazil in reducing fuel taxes, says Sachsida

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The Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, affirmed that the measures of the federal government to reduce taxes on fuels to soften the impact of the increase in the price of oil are being followed by several developed countries in Europe and the United States.

The statement was made during a public hearing of the Consumer Protection Commission of the Chamber of Deputies held this Tuesday (28).

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“We are giving the correct answer. So much so, that the rest of the world is trying to do just that: reduce taxes. United States, Europe. Do you know what the difference is? It’s just that here we’ve already done it,” she said.

Sachsida also reiterated that the federal government cannot interfere with fuel prices. Even so, he highlighted, once again, the measures to reduce federal taxes and ICMS on diesel, gasoline, ethanol and gas.

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“With (the approval of) PLP 18, the price of gasoline will fall from R$7.39 to R$5.84, a 21% drop,” he said.

According to the minister’s presentation, the ministry’s estimate is that, with the measure, the price of ethanol will fall from R$4.87 to R$4.57; that of diesel fell from R$ 7.68 to R$ 7.55; and LPG goes from R$ 112.70 to 110.07.

Source: CNN Brasil

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