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World Manual towards another record: the largest tower of ice cream sticks

Driven by the desire to do something great and learn from all the setbacks along the way, Manual do Mundo, the largest Science and Technology channel in Latin America, decided to break another world record.

The challenge is to make the biggest toothpick tower in the world. The rule is: you can only use ice cream sticks and glue in the “construction”. It also cannot have cables or anything similar to support the tower. The current record is 12.53 meters, achieved by a group in Canada in June this year. Manual do Mundo intends to surpass this mark and build a tower at least twice the size in 2023.

The challenge is great and begins with choosing the most stable and lightest structure possible, using the least amount of material. Then there is all the assembly work, which will be done in stages. It is expected that around 30,000 ice cream sticks will be needed.

Tallest buildings in the world

Currently, the tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, at 828 meters high. But for a long time this record was held by a very famous building in New York, the Empire State Building. And the story of its construction also involves the dispute to break a record, but between two other buildings.

At the end of the 1930s, two buildings were under construction in New York that wanted the title of largest in the world: The Chrysler Building and 40 Wall Street. Throughout construction, the architects of the two buildings changed their designs, adding floors and changing the structure so that they became increasingly taller, always trying to outdo their competitors.

The final turning point was when Van Alen, responsible for the Chrysler Building, included an antenna within the building’s structure, but it was hidden from the competitor. It was only revealed after 40 Wall Street opened. This strategy gave a 20-meter advantage and the title of tallest building to the Chrysler Building, at 304 meters high.

But in less than a year, the Empire State Building opened, measuring 381 meters high. He held the title until 1970, when the 417-meter North Tower of the World Trade Center was inaugurated.

Other Manual records

Manual do Mundo has already achieved other world records. In 2019, it made the world’s largest elephant toothpaste, at 275.91 cubic meters. The video, which shows the entire process and was attended by Guinness inspectors, has more than 4.7 million views.

In 2018, the channel also received the title of YouTube channel with the highest number of subscribers in the category, when it reached the mark of 10 million subscribers. Today the channel has more than 18 million subscribers.

Source: CNN Brasil

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