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World Medical Association: Criticizes Merkel’s refusal to get vaccinated

The president of the World Medical Association Frank-Ulrich Montgomery believes that “the negative attitude of the chancellor Merkel on mandatory coronavirus vaccination for some occupational groups is wrong. “In areas such as care for the elderly, the vaccination rate for staff is still very low,” he said in an interview with German public radio (Deutschlandfunk / Dlf) today. The federal government does not intend to follow in France’s footsteps: During a visit to the Robert Koch Institute, Chancellor Merkel against the mandatory vaccination of those employed in certain occupational sectors such as the health sector and the elderly care sector. France has said that workers in these sectors will have to consider suspending their employment if they have not been vaccinated at least once by mid-September, which has resulted in a sharp increase in demand for vaccination appointments.

“Anyone who completely rejects vaccines in these areas should look for another job in the health sector that does not involve direct contact with patients where there is no risk of transmitting the virus to others. “Chancellor Merkel is very pragmatic and will eventually agree to compulsory vaccination if citizens are not willing enough to be vaccinated.” World Medical Association speaking on German public radio. Frank-Ulrich Montgomery also welcomed the proposal by Wolfram Hahn of the German Ethics Committee, who proposed that teachers be vaccinated because they could transmit the virus to children and adolescents, who in turn could infect their parents. their.

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