“World teaches women to feel guilty”, says Lia Bock about harassment at BBB 23

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On Thursday night (16), TV Globo decided to expel the participants MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato from Big Brother Brasil, and the matter went beyond the limits of entertainment because of the reason that led the participants to be eliminated: they were accused by the public of the sexual harassment program. Images from the reality show showed the two participants trying to make physical contact with Mexican actress and model Dania Mendez during a party held on Wednesday night (15). She visits Brazil in a kind of exchange program with the Mexican program “La Casa de Los Famosos”.

The Police Station for Assistance to Women in Jacarepaguá, in the west zone of Rio opened an inquiry to investigate the case and the sponsoring brands also spoke out, through social networks, repudiating the posture of the participants.

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Through the networks, the situation raised discussions and the subject was also addressed on Live CNN with journalist Lia Bock, commentator for CNN. For her, men still see women’s bodies as “free territory” because of a social construction.

“For centuries women ‘belonged’ to men. First it was the father, then the husband. We had no power over our bodies,” said the journalist.

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Regarding the expulsion of BBB participants, Lia says she believes that the program’s attitude may be changing because society is also moving forward on this issue.

“What we saw at the BBB is that there will no longer be that ‘cloth pass’. They got kicked out, it was a shock because we’re not used to that because people always find a way to relieve these guys. They gained more followers on social networks, for example.”, exemplified the journalist, who also drew attention to another point in this expulsion of participants.

“We only got to this point because the sponsors had a decisive attitude in this expulsion. As soon as Twitter pointed out [o caso]the brands quickly put notes, saying that it is not and that they would not agree [com a postura dos participantes]. Then they decide to kick it out. It’s good to stay tuned on how the system works, we know where the callus presses”, said Lia.

about the victim

As soon as the BBB presenter, Tadeu Schmidt, announced the elimination of Guimê and Sapato, the participant Dania started to cry and say that she felt guilty for the expulsion of the participants. Lia explained that, unfortunately, it was a common attitude among women victims of harassment or sexual harassment.

“The world taught that it is the woman’s fault. Because ‘the skirt was too short’, ‘because it was too beautiful’, ‘because it looked beautiful’… It’s rooted that it’s our fault, you always did something to make it happen”.

(Posted by Carolina Farias)

Source: CNN Brasil

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