World will undergo redesign and we will live “5G cold war”, says political scientist

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The PhD in Political Science from the University of São Paulo (USP) and coordinator of the International Relations undergraduate program at Ibmec-RJ, José Niemeyer, believes that “the world will no longer be the same in terms of security pacts”, after the redesign that will be caused by the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with CNN Radiohe assesses that the world “will have to have other security pacts”: “It is sad, but Ukraine ends up being a laboratory for negotiations on these pacts and the European Union must play an important role.”

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Even so, he made the caveat that for this kind of change to happen, “it will take decades of discussion.”

Niemeyer argues that the world must go through what he calls the “5G cold war”: “In the cold war, the US looked at the world from Europe, Russia and China. Now, it’s still looking from that triad, but China is much more powerful, and it’s going to overtake the United States in the economic perspective.”

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“So it is a new triad, with very strong China, Russia less strong than at the time of the Soviet Union, but with a lot of assertiveness and seeking strategic autonomy in the military field”, he explained.

According to the professor, international relations only work in two contexts: cooperation or conflict. “We were [antes da guerra] trying to build the world on the basis of cooperation”.

“I have the impression that we have lived international relations more based on conflicts in the last two decades than cooperation, realists believe in structural anarchy, with each state seeking its ascension, but this has made us create a multipolar world, with many external interests. , internal, regional and local”, he added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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